Streamline Sales Operations and Realize Immediate ROI

Organizations often seek a low-cost solution to deploy customer experience applications and quickly improve sales results. Challenges in prospecting demand precisely targeted marketing to acquire customers and a streamlined sales process to retain them, while budgets remain constrained and timelines rigid. Oracle Sales Cloud is a best-in-class platform for modern sales operations to meet these seemingly impossible standards.

AST’s QuickLaunch for Oracle Sales Cloud can transform your sales organization in as little as 6 weeks, helping you to engage your customers early and close deals faster. Realize greater time to value within your sales operations with AST’s Oracle Sales Cloud QuickLaunch

  • Low cost implementation that provides functionality in as few as 6-10 weeks
  • Out-of-the-box Outlook and mobile client to manage and sell from anywhere on any device
  • Basic configuration for client-specific functionality

Key Benefits of This Solution



Realize immediate ROI with a measurable increase in productivity.



Low cost and little maintenance with minimal configuration.



Quickly turn your basic users into experts with effective training and support.

AST’s Sales Cloud QuickLaunch is an effective solution to rapidly automate the sales process and help reps save time on administrative tasks, shifting focus to value-add activities and growth of the sales pipeline.”

Amit Ganguly Vice President, CX, AST LLC.

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