Streamline Businesses to Face the Future with STAR

The proverb, “necessity is the mother of invention,” has never been more applicable than in these unusual times.

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world, there was no time to develop or implement new systems or processes, and certainly no time to assess existing technology and fill unprecedented gaps. However, an opportunity now exists to rethink your traditional approach and purposefully retrofit existing structures to meet the needs of our new reality.

AST challenges leaders to identify their strategic goals to react to disruption (positively or negatively) and understand how initiatives and projects support their corporate strategy or vision. AST’s STAR Transformation Accelerator provides synergistic value, and practical advice on defining corporate strategies, and then lays out prioritized initiatives in a roadmap to help organizations meet their goals.

The AST STAR transformation accelerator is:

  • A guided process that facilitates establishment or refreshing of visionary direction for an organization with the purpose of identifying appropriate strategic initiatives
  • A framework for how to translate corporate strategic initiatives into prioritized, individual projects with associated business cases
  • A roadmap that accelerates and optimizes the time-phased ROI from your projects across the organization

Key Benefits of the AST STAR Transformation Accelerator


Position Yourself to Rapidly React to Market Disruption

Organizations that desire longevity need to ensure they can react nimbly to both opportunities and challenges from external disruptors. The first step is to fully-understand and share corporate goals and strategies and obtain a software-agnostic, big-picture view of the organization. Subsequently, all projects and initiatives can be prioritized and mapped to the corporate strategy, enabling focus on the efforts that will best position your organization to react. This is particularly true for organizations that instinctively know proactive changes are needed, but who are unsure about what that move should be.


Your Business, Your Way!

Organizations frequently take external assistance to identify strategic goals. AST’s framework guides your self-discovery, resulting in a plan that is uniquely yours. Executive leadership collectively determines direction, while taking it a step further to link your goals with metrics, initiatives and projects that support the vision and achieve success.


Drastically Accelerate Progress with the Right Trajectory

Growth strategies and business plans, like day-to-day business, have seen major disruption in the past year. Following periods of disruption, it is imperative to reassess investments, understand impact and set priorities according to the current world order.

The pandemic brought fast-moving and unexpected impacts for which many existing crises plans and teams were unprepared. AST has defined a compelling roadmap to ensure customers can react to the disruptions nimbly with a self-discovery approach that is unique to them and get back on the growth trajectory.

Paul Sharpe STAR Master Engineer, AST LLC