Speedy Insight to Hidden Profit and Cost

Insight to profitability and cost should be fast, intuitive, and automatic, but too often it isn’t. Oracle Profitability and Cost Management Cloud (PCMCS) dramatically improves visibility for business users with a solution to significantly automate and take ownership of allocation-based business processes, such as:

  • Customer or product profitability
  • Management allocations
  • Shared service costing
  • Cost transparency initiatives
  • Legal entity allocations to support operational transfer pricing

AST’s EPM Cloud offerings accelerate your ascent to the Cloud. Our PCMCS QuickLaunch helps organizations quickly enable PCMCS for users, reducing the amount of time needed to deploy PCMCS in the Cloud with targeted goals and benefits. AST enables rapid implementation of Oracle Cloud solutions in short timeframes with minimal risk.

  • Best-in-class allocation engine
  • Automated data collection and mapping
  • Improved transparency with Rule Balancing
  • Prebuilt analytics with profit curve and scatter diagrams
  • Centralized dimension and hierarchy management
  • Configurable dashboards and reports
  • MS Office integration

Key Benefits of This Solution



Gain insight to hidden profit and cost across key business dimensions.



Realize improved financial decision making.



Leverage a proven and scalable cloud architecture, a cloud-based deployment, and attractive subscription pricing.

AST’s PCMCS QuickLaunch solution allows you to rapidly gain insight to your entire profitability and cost outlook, enabling fully-informed decision-making and automation of data processes, all on a modern and scalable cloud platform.”

Patrick Callahan Vice President, EPM and Analytics, AST LLC.

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