Accelerate Close Processes with Streamlined Account Reconciliation

In a recent survey, 60% of respondents admitted that manual account reconciliation processes are the primary cause of delay in the close process. Oracle’s Account Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS) targets this critical business process, offering a purpose-built solution for streamlining reconciliations. ARCS employs a cloud-based solution, enabling reconciliation automation, improving process efficiencies, and reducing the risk of unreconciled accounts. The reports and dashboards provide complete visibility, ensuring organization-wide reconciliation compliance.

AST’s EPM Cloud offerings accelerate your ascent to the Cloud—our ARCS QuickLaunch helps organizations enable business users quickly while reducing the amount of time needed to deploy. This is done while targeting and meeting the organization’s business goals.

  • Configurable auto reconciliation rules based on user-defined filters
  • Adaptable formats for different types of accounts
  • Configurable frequencies and unlimited levels of approval
  • High volume auto-match engine
  • Automated adjustment creation based on variance values
  • Period-end balancing reports for reconciliation compliance
  • Easy integration with external systems
  • Profile-driven approach

Key Benefits of This Solution


Reduced time to close

Improved efficiencies significantly lower close processing times.


Comprehensive reconciliation compliance

Satisfy compliance requirements with ease.


Reduced risk

Account reconciliation is automated and manual coordination of efforts is eliminated, reducing overall risk.

AST’s ARCS QuickLaunch significantly reduces the amount of time required to deploy the application, allowing you to take advantage of faster time to close with automation of account reconciliation.”

Patrick Callahan Vice President, EPM and Analytics, AST LLC

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