Leverage AI-Driven Automation with Auditoria and AST

AST is pleased to announce our collaboration with Auditoria as we partner to build integration between the SmartFlow Skills Platform and Oracle ERP Cloud.

Increase the speed, accuracy, and productivity of your finance team using Auditoria’s powerful SmartFlow Skills platform to automate, analyze, audit, and collaborate across your finance organization with cutting-edge AI, Cognitive RPA, NLP, and ML technologies.


The Business Value of AI-Driven ERP

  • Reduce rework/record verification by up to 50%
  • Regain productivity of 8 hours per month per employee
  • Streamline shared service costs by at least 35% over 3 years

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More Information about Auditoria Solutions

As the pioneer in AI-driven automation and hyper-automation for Corporate Finance, Auditoria understands the importance of automating ERP to streamline repetitive tasks for finance teams. The SmartFlow Skills integration seamlessly integrates and extends Oracle ERP Cloud and will provide immense benefits to our clients."

Shyam Kumar, Vice President of Cloud Applications and Security Services, AST LLC

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